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March 2009 - present

Independent media and communications consultant

Communications consultant who specializes in strategic communications, branding, speech writing, policy advice, writing, editing, knowledge translation, and creative direction. Clients include USAID-funded Development Alternatives Incorporated (Afghanistan), The British Medical Journal, The World Health Organization, The United Nations Population Fund, UNAIDS, Providing for Health (WHO, the World Bank, the ILO, GTZ and the French Government), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), Mondofragilis and a host of other NGOs and UN agencies.

In 2009, I authored a strategic communications plan for the USAID-funded Local Governance and Community Development Programme in Afghanistan that also includes success stories and lessons learned. The project involved 6-weeks of duty travel to recently-cleared but still-insecure regions of Khandahar, Helmand Province, Gardez and Jalalabad. Other clients include the Red Cross, World Vision and Foreign Policy Magazine.

March 2008 - February 2009

Head, Media and communications, HIV/AIDS Department (P-5)

The World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

I managed a nine member team of information, web and media officers alongside support staff and key international consultants to ensure that the work of the HIV/AIDS Department is communicated to a global audience of policymakers, donors, stakeholders, partners, media and the public. The aim was to promote access to universal testing, treatment, care and support by 2010. The position of team leader required that I train and mentor new staff as well as non-communciations staff in the run-up to major launches and/or conferences; manage media campaigns; oversee the production of all communications materials; develop a media strategy; advise the Director regarding all media and communications-related matters.

May 2005 – February 2008

Media Advisor/Senior Editor (L-5)

Media Services Branch, The United Nations Population Fund, New York, USA

Managing Editor of the United Nations Population Fund's flagship report: the State of World Population. Plan, research, edit and provide art direction and photo editing. Edit and manage the production, media outreach and the development and writing of all associated press materials and fact sheets as well as planning and co-ordinating the global launch of the State of World Population.

I was also the media focal point for HIV/AIDS, responsible for developing a global strategy that promotes the interests of young people, women, condom programming and the integration of reproductive health care with HIV prevention. I also worked closely with partners at World Health Organization, UNAIDS and the World Bank and was also responsible for co-ordinating and designing a variety of advocacy materials including books on HIV, obstetric fistula, gender-based violence, maternal health and other UNFPA topics.

Job entailed travel to developing countries in addition to public speaking, strategic planning, crisis management and the development of documentary and multi-media products. I have also worked with partners to organize the media for high-level events such as the UN Special Session on HIV/AIDS 2005 and the International AIDS Conference in Toronto. Work also involves media training.

Editorial Director / Art Director

The Human Security Centre, The Liu Institute for Global Issues, The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

I co-ordinated, researched, co-edited, co-wrote, art directed and oversaw the production of the 2004 Human Security Report: War in the 21st Century. The report is the first in a series of three and maps the incidence, prevalence, causes and consequences of global armed violence and policy responses to that violence. The Report explores such diverse topics as global trends in armed violence, human trafficking, sexual violence and war, organized criminal violence, refugees and internally displaced persons and war-affected children. Donor governments include the UK, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Canada and Sweden. My job was to build and maintain close contact with partners (we have an agreement in principle with The World Bank) and donor governments and to ensure the quality and timely production of the report. Other tasks included overseeing the production of a 45-minute multi-media presentation, working closely with PR firms to plan a series of rolling launches in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, and liaising with NGOs, UN agencies and the media. I was also responsible for photo-editing and designing both The Report and associated products such as the press package, CD-Rom and posters.


Senior Editor / Art Director

The United Nations Population Fund

The 2006 State of Population. A Passage to Hope: Women and International Migration

Contributor / Production Manager

The United Nations Population Fund

The 2005 State of Population. The Promise of Equality: Gender Equity, Reproductive Health and the MDGs [PDF]

Editorial Consultant

The United Nations Population Fund

The Small Arms Survey 2005. Armed and Aimless: Guns, Human Security and Non-state Armed Groups in the Countries of the ECOWAS

Author / Designer


Researched, wrote and designed the 2004 publication From Harm to Hope: Immunization and Injection Safety in the Countries of the Mekong Delta, chronicling the progress made in the fight against unsafe injection practices in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. [PDF]

Project Co-ordinator / Art Director

The Commonwealth of Learning

Researched, wrote, edited and art directed the Commonwealth of Learning’s 2000–2003 Summary Report.

Author / Art Director

Stop TB, The World Health Organization

Researched, wrote and designed the Stop TB Annual Report, 2000–2001.

Writer / Researcher / Editor / Art Director

The International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Writing and design work on a variety of projects involving the worst forms of child labour, freedom of association and other labour-related issues.

Author / Art Director

Promises To Keep

The Global Health Council, Washington, DC, USA

Researched, wrote and designed the Washington-based Global Health Council's congressional report on unintended pregnancy and maternal mortality and morbidity in the developing world. The document, entitled Promises To Keep, was tabled in US Congress on 25 September, 2002. [PDF]

Author / Art Director

Stop TB, The World Health Organization

Researched, wrote and art directed the Stop TB 2001 Annual Report.

Art Director / Editor (P-4)

The International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Designed a series package for the Multinational Enterprises Department at the ILO. Have also designed and edited a number of other articles and publications including material for the special programme on HIV/AIDS.

June 2000 – March 2001

Art Director /Designer / Writer (P-4)

The World Health Organization

Worked on a variety of publications including writing the WHO's The State of the World Vaccines and Immunization, designing and editing the Buruli Ulcer Field and Laboratory Manuals, in addition to art directing and designing Water for Health: Taking Charge.

November 1999 – June 2000

Writer / Designer / Illustrator

The World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland

Researched, wrote, conceptualized, art directed, designed and illustrated the World Health Organization Report on Infectious Diseases 2000: Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance. The project required a high degree of analytical and writing skills in addition to advising the client on the most effective means of selling their product to the widest audience possible. This meant incorporating graphics in such a way as to be easily exploited for downstream products such as the WHO website, CD-ROM and PowerPoint presentations, etc. 140,000 copies of the book were printed. “The most comprehensive—and perhaps the most alarming—account to date of the rise of resistant microbes...” –The International Herald Tribune [Visit the online version]


From 1996 I have worked as a freelance media consultant providing creative direction, writing, design and illustrative services to a variety of clients all over the world.

August – November 1999

Art Director / Illustrator

Aftermath Media (USA)

Provided art direction and illustration for Lets Do Diddley, a DVD multimedia trivia game.

August 1997 (to the present)

Writer / Editor / Art Director

The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Geneva

Provided analysis and advice on current graphic style at UNAIDS (with a view to producing more user-friendly publications), and created artwork illustrating various themes in HIV/AIDS prevention and care. The assignment included work at the UNAIDS Secretariat in Geneva.

April – June 1995

Creative Director / Illustrator

DoubleDay Books (Australia)

Creative direction in drive to attract a new reading demographic by revamping visual style of DoubleDay (Australia)’s marketing efforts. Designed and produced illustrations for an ad campaign that included full-page spreads in Australia’s highest-circulation magazines, as well as a series of posters and brochures.


April 1990 – October 1996

Assistant Design Editor / Editorial Artist

The Vancouver Sun, (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Supervised a team of ten photographers on the night shift in addition to illustrating, designing and laying-out black and white pages and colour fronts for all sections of Canada's third largest daily. Produced logos, maps and graphics (on varying daily/weekly deadlines), selected visuals (graphics, photographs etc.) for the morning edition and created about 10 illustrations per week using a combination of freehand techniques in conjunction with Adobe Photoshop, Fractal Painter, and Adobe Illustrator.

March 1989 – April 1990

Crime / Court Reporter

The Victoria Times-Colonist, (Victoria, BC, Canada)

Researched and wrote hard-news stories and features on crime, court and police issues for major daily. Duties also included editing/rewriting.

April 1987 – March 1989

Cityside, Lifestyles, Entertainment Reporter

The Vancouver Sun, (Vancouver, BC, Canada)

Wrote news, entertainment and lifestyles features on a variety of topics including environmental, political and business issues, health, immigration, women’s issues and entertainment.

May 1987 – March 1989

Illustrator / Exhibit Designer

The University of British Columbia

Freelance contract illustrating artifacts and re-creating archaeological sites for the Department of Anthropology. All illustrations were subsequently published and used for a variety of documents on West Coast native culture.
May 1986 – March 1987

Writer / Producer

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Vancouver

Produced and wrote for a variety of radio and TV current affair programs: (Almanac, The Afternoon Show and the 6 p.m. and weekend TV news programs)

September 1983 – September 1987

Reporter / Graphic Artist

The Province newspaper, Vancouver

Worked full and part-time in a variety of roles, from artist (specializing in courtroom illustration) to general assignment reporter while attending college and university. Learned the basics of photo-editing, illustration and page design. Won the 1987 Wassermann Prize for best feature by a reporter with three year's experience.


Articles have appeared in the following periodicals and newspapers:

The Vancouver Sun, The Vancouver Province, The Victoria Times Colonist, Asia Inc., The Globe and Mail, BC Business, Macleans, West, Saturday Review, Lifeline Magazine, Holiday Asia, Sunquest Holidays, Med-era, Geist, Sunday Morning Post Magazine.

Articles included editorials, book and movie reviews, stories on child prostitution, child labour, refugee issues, crime, health, business and lifestyles.


Illustrations have been featured in the following periodicals and newspapers:

The Washington Post Magazine, Asia Inc., Smart Money, Psychology Today, The Globe and Mail, The Chicago Times, The Vancouver Sun, Vancouver Province, Report on Business, The Sunday Post, The New York Times, Holiday Asia, The Bulletin (Australia), Black and White (Australia), The Sydney Herald (Australia), The Jewish Times, and many more.