Kawkab Althaibani

Freelance Communication professional

July 18, 2012, Kawkab reported directly to Patricia


To Whom It May Concern,

I have known Patricia Leidl during her short-term consultancy at Community Livelihoods Project, the USAID's flagship project in Yemen. She had been my direct manager as she was editing and polishing the weekly reports I was writing about the project. She is a very detailed oriented and a sharp editor with very international standards and strong and beautiful writing abilities.

As she came to work, she has taught me many useful skills and provided me with an eye-opening guidance in order to be a top-notch writer. She combined both practicality and good managing skills. In addition, she has a very poetic-like language which rarely can be seen with other writers with her similar career. Her success stories that she edited and collected were posted at the company's website drawing lots of attention and admiration. She has the ability to turn plain details into interesting and rich stories with a very fine and captivating language.

She is one of the few people in my career who stands by my back and having the faith to support me to excel which shows her devoting and unselfish nature.

Patricia is not only a person who works for the sake of working, she is humanizing her career and she has a natural sense of human rights that stand at once as you first talk to her.

So gender-sensitive is another extra quality that Patricia obtains and can be clearly sensed through her writings and activities. Therefore, she is fitting perfectly to any sort of job and she can make a change into any environment she enters. She is the perfect candidate to convey change as she has a very solid will to do the right things.

Kawkab al-Thaibani
M&E Specialist